IBM Watson Technology

Watson technology is an artificial intelligence computer system which is capable of answering the question. The machine is developed by the IBM. This is the deep QA project for the company and led by the principal David Ferrucci. The name of the system is based on the CEO of the company Thomas J Watson. This project is developed for the answering the question for the quiz show.

The  watson system can access two hundred million structured and unstructured pages and use four tera bytes disk storage. The important is, this computer answers the question without using the Internet connection. During the game, the machine will see the clues on the screen and generate its human opponents and give the answer with the help of the signal system. One can use it for the natural language processing, knowledge representation, machine learning and reasoning.

According to IBM “ Watson is a cognitive technology that processes information more like a human than a computer- by understanding natural language, generating hypotheses based on evidence and learning as it goes.”

This is the latest technological innovation in the field of Information technology, but as compare to the description, the LVA technology is work similar to this. The LVA is developed by the Nemesysco company use for the fraud detection, Lie detection, emotion detection and many more. You can say that this is the one type of security device not a question answer device. The SENSE service is the subpart of the LVA and use it for the various types of detection. This technology works with the human body and measures the excitement and gives the correct answer for the particular situation.

In this way, the latest technological system improves the devices with the human need and makes the life luxurious each time

Affordable Home Security System With Smartphone

A safety system is nothing more than the sensors, this helps to detect what is going around you. The sensor fixed in some equipment by which, one can monitor them. In past years, there was a monitor with a computer, which uses for the safety purpose, but now all these facilities turn into the Smartphone. This is the best way to integrate smart phones with the latest security applications. For the same purpose, companies are inventing new ways to integrates mobiles with the new home safety devices. Here are a few examples, just look at that.

Canary Home Security Device:  this one is the inexpensive device, which contains HD video camera, motion detector and microphone. Air quality and vibrations can also detect by the sensors used in this device. This product cannot predict what is actually going on but it can alert you when anything changes abruptly. This will give alert on your smart phone through the Wi-Fi network. You can get this alert in any location in the world, but you need to download this application and set up the password. The advantage of the Canary devices is that you can take it anywhere like home, hotel room or office.

ImagePresence-powered phones: A free iPhone and android applications for security is called as Presence. This includes both sensing and monitoring. The Silicon Valley Company developed the app called people power; this is very easy to use. This device detects the motion and sends video on your cell phone.

iZone Wi-Fi video monitor: This is the iOS application containing a tiny cylindrical shape camera. This camera is connected to the magnet, which helps to change the view of the screen and the area of the home. If you have more than one footage, then you can see all the footage with a single touch on screen.

The fact is that, the home safety devices can be too expensive and complex. However, this is not good to keep your house unprotected. So chose a right smart phone with right products, put together and get affordable home security system.

Proprietary Security System in Smartphone

When we talk about the private security system, People generally thought about private defense system or private safety devices. There are two types of this, which are private and contract security. Contract system means the companies who totally business enterprise and offers different types of safety services. For example, a consultancy provides guard for house or office. From this example, we can understand the concept of contract. Another good technical example is This famous company built protection facility and provide to another organization. is the leading company for contract security services.

Proprietary Security System means the company builds their own defense system for individual organizations to meet their requirements. For example, in Pakistan so many companies use this service. These facilities are popular among the political parties and government, because they do not believe in contract services.

In contract system, all issues and problem handled by the company, the client will not responsible for that. The Company manages the entire problem at their own cost and risk. While in proprietary facility, they own responsible for administrative and operational matters. Thus, both the system has their own advantages and disadvantages.

This is all about the safety system for organization, but do you know about the safety facilities in Android Smartphone, have a look of this.

Oplink Security:
Oplink is an innovator in Smartphone Cloud-based safety services. This is a plug and play facility and provides video alarm. These services can compatible with the android operating system mobile phones and tablets. This company provides a software service platform, wireless safety sensor-triggered video alarm and many more. This is the sensor based protection system, which provides the video clip through the Smartphone. This application is similar to the LVA technology developed by Nemesysco for fraud trap, lie detection and emotion detection.


By using this application, you can keep your safety with yourself anytime and everywhere.
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