IBM Watson Technology

Watson technology is an artificial intelligence computer system which is capable of answering the question. The machine is developed by the IBM. This is the deep QA project for the company and led by the principal David Ferrucci. The name of the system is based on the CEO of the company Thomas J Watson. This project is developed for the answering the question for the quiz show.

The  watson system can access two hundred million structured and unstructured pages and use four tera bytes disk storage. The important is, this computer answers the question without using the Internet connection. During the game, the machine will see the clues on the screen and generate its human opponents and give the answer with the help of the signal system. One can use it for the natural language processing, knowledge representation, machine learning and reasoning.

According to IBM “ Watson is a cognitive technology that processes information more like a human than a computer- by understanding natural language, generating hypotheses based on evidence and learning as it goes.”

This is the latest technological innovation in the field of Information technology, but as compare to the description, the LVA technology is work similar to this. The LVA is developed by the Nemesysco company use for the fraud detection, Lie detection, emotion detection and many more. You can say that this is the one type of security device not a question answer device. The SENSE service is the subpart of the LVA and use it for the various types of detection. This technology works with the human body and measures the excitement and gives the correct answer for the particular situation.

In this way, the latest technological system improves the devices with the human need and makes the life luxurious each time