Be keen and you will detect a liar when chatting or texting

Are you chatting online or texting and the person whom on the other end is taking longer than expected, he definitely could be lying. When you see an indicator on your screen reading …is typing.. Chances are that the person on the other end is editing, deleting and do all manner of changes to the message that you are about to receive. This is the new lie detector, Nemesysco Limited came with the layered voice analysis technology ,you may not use while texting but for sure being keen on the texting and chatting activity may tell you a lot about the messages you are about to receive from the other end.


A new study has found that when people are planning to lie in chats or text messages, they take more than it is necessary to respond, they delete some parts, edit more and give shorter responses. Texting and chatting has been largely associated with lying, you can write anything since the person who is on the other end will not get to read your reactions or emotions as it would happen with voice calls. Past studies have shown that people evade or are more likely to give false information when the message is in the written form than when the communication is on the face to face basis.

I didn't do that

This is for obvious reasons, a face to face communication involves even the unspoken words, that is the body languages and emotions which accompany the message, therefore a keen observer will be in a position to tell whether somebody is being dishonest or not. Even when you place a mobile speaker in front of the person who is talking and analyze the speech later you may be in a position to tell something about the message that was being relayed. Next time you are chatting or texting be keen and you will read between the lines.

How to spot a liar