Handicapped People Getting Jobs in E-waste Recycling Under a Program

Social Business that are creating job opportunities in the field of E-waste are the main concern for the Govt. so a program got started from the Hunter Valley social enterprise to give the employment  to the handicapped people. The E-waste problem is very serious and the only solution to that problem is e-waste recycling. The world is generates millions of tons of e-waste every year and there is a huge need of e-waste recycling companies but the thing is only a small amount of the garbage is come into the contact of recycling and remaining is just thrown into landfills, this program is about recycling the television and computers, also the program is working under National Computer Recycling Scheme. Mai-Wel is a corporation that gives disability employer and Pennie Kearney, who is CEO of company, said that it will be good to recycle things by employing those who considered doing nothing. Firm charged to collection of electronic goods and they have already met with the 30 percent target under the scheme.


“The contract was working well. We were meeting the targets and getting through the work but unfortunately they got halfway through the financial year and said they had met their quota for the year and we would have to stockpile, Ms Kearney told Government News.” Published on a source.

Brian Hampton with e waste to be rcycled at Mt Vincent dump

Currently, there are many companies who is in the industry, to recycle the goods and According to Mai-Wel, they had already faced many challenges in the Environmental business, they had replied that stopping the collection means they have to store in the piles, and could not get paid for the recycling it had done since last year. Currently the increasing the technology is increasing the problem of e-waste and making health problems.