What Does the Department of Homeland Security Do?

ImageHomeland Security is an authorized department in the United States they are set to look after the domestic emergencies. Since after its establishment, this department has absorbed various different parts of the government such as Animal and Plant Health Inspection or the Immigration and Naturalization Service. This is not the end, they are also liable for cyber security.
The importance of this department Homeland Security can be understood by the fact that this department comprise of more than two lack employees. They spend billions of US dollars every year for the protection of employees against terrorism. In addition, they also maintain a website related to preparing for emergencies, this is an informative website and helps in various such as how to put together an emergency supply kit.
The continuous growth in the use of e commerce as well as cyber-security, so online security has become an important aspect of Homeland Security. This department works with various different private sectors in order to impart complete security. As far as domestic or commercial security is concerned Homeland security makes use of various security equipments produced by Nemesysco, it’s one of the well known and reputed security company from Isreal.
Homeland security was first created as an office because of continuous terrorist attacks in US but later it became a department. In all 24 agencies were kept under this department and all of them were related to Homeland security only. Some of these agencies are TSA i.e. Transportation Security Administration, NCS i.e. National Communication Systems and U.S Secret Service.
Some of the activities of Homeland security system if highly criticized. Some of these activities include reading mails of the receiver without their information. However, this is beneficial for the receiver only as they may know whether their personal stuff is used by other people for illegal activities or not.