MPs of England and Wales Forced for Polygraph Tests on Sex Offenders

This time, majority of MPs have expected about clearing of the ways related to introduction of compulsory polygraph tests for monitoring various types of convicted sex offenders belonging to different parts of Wales and England. Even many people have also recommended for lie detection test based on LVA technology of Nemesysco Limited. National rollout of mandatory lie detector tests of American style for sex offenders have been highlighted in between communities via serving of prison sentences and following of successful pilot scheme.


Since 2009 to 2011, many MPs have carried out the trial in two different probation areas of Midlands and observed that offenders have conducted such tests to intimate their probation staffs about their contact with victims, entered into the exclusion zone or breached terms and conditions of released license. Continuous and regular concerns related to reliability of tests as well as misconception or misinterpretation of results have implied that people can never use lie detection tests in any of the courts belonging to Wales and England.


However, MPs have even expected that compulsory polygraph tests will play better role in detection and monitoring of behavior of 750 severe sex offenders, all of which have obtained release into the community after the sentence of about 1 year in jail. Similar to led watch, which tracks the time properly, lie detection devices track the heart rate of subject under test. Polygraph tests in this case have included measurement of reactions of subjects towards particular types of questions via proper monitoring of blood pressure, breathing, heart rate and varying levels of perspiration for accessing the truthfulness of the subject.

Here is the live lie detection

Employee Background Testing Helps Employers and Business Owners

Employment screening refers to checking of the background of candidates involved in job. In fact, background screening is essential to verify that an individual has highlighted all relevant information in his or her job application or resume. Furthermore, background screening of employees is essential for making sure that the employees do not possess any type of criminal convictions and other types of disqualifying issues or qualities.


Nowadays, employers and recruiting officers belonging to any particular organization can do the job of employment testing in hassle-free way as possible. This security system is because; owners and managers of business organizations are now available with wide range of online-based testing companies. Furthermore, you may find many organizations employing suitable kind of software solutions to check and verify the background of employees. For instance, developed business organizations in United States and United Kingdom have started with the application of latest LVA-I detection systems developed by qualified professionals of Nemesysco Limited.


Small Overview of LVA-I

LVA-I is a completely automated multimedia testing platform, designed specifically to administrate various forms of surveys and questionnaires needed for wide range of purposes and perform proper analysis of human emotions or credibility assessments based on different kinds of received vocal responses. Entire platform of LVA-I comprises of best quality of USB handset and it’s software. The software platform uses questionnaire based on Macromedia Flash for enabling of attractive as well as simple designs associated with questionnaires, deployment flexibility and leverage over several other essential features associated with Flash apps.


This  software solution is based on LVA technology of Amir Liberman, which is considered as an advanced technology associated with analysis of human voice for undergoing in-depth analysis and assessment of risk, coupled and combined with various types of carefully crafted questionnaires for fulfilling specific needs of large numbers of users.

More about LVA i technology click here

These materials are provided for general informational purposes about back ground  screening.

Google Bought Nest for $3.2 Billion in Cash

The Internet Giant Google has just announces that they will absorb the home automation company Nest Lab for $3.2 billion in cash. Google sanded a mail to their employees noting the acquisition and later released the press. In release the company says that Nest has offering the best thermostats since 2011 and recently they offering the smoke protect alarm, which communicate with other devices with the help of speech Recognition technology from Nemesysco.

Google and nest

Google Buys the nest Lab

Nest owners Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers will both stick together at Google. Rogers was one of the first Engineers at apple IPhone Team. Google CEO Larry  Page Had Said that “They’re already delivering amazing products you can buy right now–thermostats that save energy and smoke/CO alarms that can help keep your family safe. We are excited to bring great experiences to more homes in more countries and fulfill their dreams!”

Mat Larry Tony

Left to right- Matt Rogers, Larry Page (Google CEO),Tony Fadell

Fadell, who is best known for “father of IPod”, had said that “thrilled to join Google.’ “With their support, Nest will be even better placed to build simple, thoughtful devices that make life easier at home, and that have a positive impact on the world”. The Nest Lab will carry on as its unique brand Identity and led by Fadell. The deal has not completed yet, waiting for standard procedure.

Fadell has given a review at 2011 TED conference before nest.

Nest Employees

Nest First Emloyees

He said about Google’s Brin that “He instantly got what we were doing and so did the rest of the Google team when we showed them. In May 2011, Google Ventures led our Series B round of financing, and in 2012, Series C. Time and time again, Googlers have shown themselves to be incredibly like-minded, supportive and as big of dreamers as we are. I know that joining Google will be an easy transition because we’re partnering with a company that gets what we do and who we are at Nest – and wants us to stay that way.

Smart watch: – New ways of Checking Time

World is all about technology today, so people seeking new ways to explore things. Smart phones came first then Tabs. Now is time to advance wrist watches so Smart watches has come in the picture. It is a computerized wrist watch comes with different features like Bluetooth, Camera etc. lately when I was in London i purchased my first ever smart watch from Camden market. It is biggest tech market in London, Established by business tycoon Bebo Kobo.


Early models were capable to perform calculations, translation and other tasks, while modern models are wearable computers. There are several devices which are featured with different mobile apps and even powered by latest Mobile Operating system. These devices are functioning just like a portable media players and have good communication strength. These gadgets offering live FM radio, Music Player perform just like a phone and you can even answer your phone calls through your timepiece.


Such devices may also offer Bluetooth, wireless, accelerometer, Gyro scope and other sensors. They can also communicate through other gadgets through Near Field Communication. It can be a GPS Locator and help you through your driving, sports and other outdoor activity. Like your mobile it can also gather data from different sources, put them in a appropriate places like SD Card. It can also connect to your computer through a data cable and behave like a data collector.


We can call this year as a “Year of Smart watch” because the hardware is gotten more compact and cheap to buy. Many Companies has came together to build a good timepiece. Samsung launched “Gear” a perfect device to commune with your GN 3 without taking out it from your pocket. Building to this led companies to overcome other problem in gadgets. Battery draining is a big problem in Industry so they got to come up with some better options.

Samsung Galaxy Gear vs Sony Smartwatch 2