Dynamark appoints Groff, looks for ‘national footprint’

Dynamark Security Centers has a new SVP of sales, this is none other than the former director of the dealer program at a firm called Guardian Protection Services. The former director will help in spearheading a newly formed unit in the company. The unit is known as Dynamark Partner Program. While the company accounts are known to be located in the Mid Atlantic the new program will help in establishing the company as a regional player. Mr Groff was quoted saying that the plan was an immediate nationwide footprint.

The company is not up to hinder any dealer, all are welcome to partner with the company and build a strong relationship which will help the company achieve its long term goals. In addition to this the company aims at including the new hundred partners in the program for a period of five years as well as foster a culture of transparency for the benefit of all those dealers who enter into the partnership. This is what any company out there including Nemesysco Limited would look forward to achieving. It is a strategy that aims at building a strong company which gives the shareholders a value for their money.

Groff said that the exact proportion of the revenue sharing formula has not yet been finalized; he revealed that the concerned parties are working very hard to come up with a document which will be agreed upon by all those who are concerned in this arrangement. He further revealed that the program will definitely pay the partners a whole lot more than what they have got from the other dealer programs. Due to this, the company is expecting the partners to help manage the accounts for the next few years. As the leader, Gross plan to emphasize on giving the dealers all the information they may require on the accounts. This is what the startApp developers would want to get from the people who are marketing their tools so that they can all benefit from their efforts.