MPs of England and Wales Forced for Polygraph Tests on Sex Offenders

lie0This time, majority of MPs have expected about clearing of the ways related to introduction of compulsory polygraph tests for monitoring various types of convicted sex offenders belonging to different parts of Wales and England. Even many people have also recommended for lie detection test based on LVA technology of Nemesysco Limited. National rollout of mandatory lie detector tests of American style for sex offenders have been highlighted in between communities via serving of prison sentences and following of successful pilot scheme.

Since 2009 to 2011, many MPs have carried out the trial in two different probation areas of Midlands and observed that offenders have conducted such tests to intimate their probation staffs about their contact with victims, entered into the exclusion zone or breached terms and conditions of released license. Continuous and regular concerns related to reliability of tests as well as misconception or misinterpretation of results have implied that people can never use lie detection tests in any of the courts belonging to Wales and England.

However, MPs have even expected that compulsory polygraph tests will play better role in detection and monitoring of behavior of 750 severe sex offenders, all of which have obtained release into the community after the sentence of about 1 year in jail. Similar to led watch, which tracks the time properly, lie detection devices track the heart rate of subject under test. Polygraph tests in this case have included measurement of reactions of subjects towards particular types of questions via proper monitoring of blood pressure, breathing, heart rate and varying levels of perspiration for accessing the truthfulness of the subject.