Decrease False Alarms among your Home Security System

The special security system, fake alarm may appear like a small homeowner aggravate, but it is essentially a national problem, which you can help resolve.

While researching this subject in recent times, our groups found that other than ninety percent of the alarm activations that activate a police reaction are artificial alarms activated by customer mistake, poorly maintained equipment, pet movement or other reasons that do not engage in dangerous or criminal activity.

As stated on an online website- “Four cameras are enough to cover each side of your house, but Korzuch said he prefers eight. That way, each camera can be within sight of another, which means anyone who tried to disable a camera would be recorded by another one. People who are comfortable making household repairs and configuring electronic equipment should have little trouble doing the job themselves. Otherwise, hire an installer.”

Mr. A. Liberman has laid a hand to the world of security and the below listed rules. The solution to plummeting fines and exhausted crisis comeback time is in your hands. General mistakes comprise inputting wrong codes, not alerting the security-operating group to fresh contact details and information, and not expressing the right passwords, when the corporation calls on the subject of an alarm. The consumer error rate possibly is to be uppermost in the primary hours and sometimes after system fitting. Be conscious that consequently, some company agreements denote a grace period throughout which they will not call the police if the alarm is active.

securitySecurity companies avails these tips for falling the possibility of false alarm:

  1. Check your system every month. Examine support batteries every twelve months. Keep motion detectors apparent of wreckage such as bugs and spider webs. Make sure that the air drafts do not shift plants, curtains or decoration. Make sure that confined windows and doors close properly.


  1. Teach everybody with right of entry to your residence on how to deactivate the system, which code passwords are required to revoke an alarm by phone and how to get in touch with the monitoring company.

Wireless Security Systems: The Best Technology for Your House Safety

As the crime ratio is getting higher, home security systems have become necessary for modern homes. As robberies have happened to be more regular, homeowners are feeling the requirement of shielding both loved ones and stuff belongings. There are a number of special types of security systems in the market today. Meant for the purpose of home security, both wireless and wired home security systems are obtainable. Every security system has its disadvantages and advantages, which you have to know.

wireless-camera-system-diagramThe most important technology in the wake of wireless and wired security systems is relatively dissimilar. As the name implies, wireless systems do not should be made of hard wire; they drive communication to the master power panel through radio signals on the air. When they were first accessible, the wireless home security devices were more costly and less dependable than the wired systems; however, with improvements in the technology, wireless security is now the residence security system of selection for the majority of homeowners.

tenvis_jpt3815w_wireless_wifi_night_vision_ip_camera_cmos_security_system_4_“Although these systems are available as monitored or non-monitored, Pante said he doesn’t recommend the non-monitored systems. Pante said these systems, which simply activate a loud or flashing alarm attached to the home, give homeowners a false sense of security. Non-monitored alarm systems can also be set to dial the local police directly when the system detects an intruder, but homeowners run the risk of being fined for false alarms if they are accidentally set off.” Says

Compared to wire systems, the wireless security systems tender much easier setting up, as there are no wires to be tangle in. You do not need to worry on the subject of an electrical power supply nor a technique of wiring to the master power board; neither have you to destroy up your floors or walls to run cabling for the system.

Tool Will Help You To Eliminate Glassholes From Wireless Networks


Not a fan of Google Glass’s features which are changing people into invisible snooping cyborgs? Now you can come with your own “glass hole-free zone”. Julian Oliver who is an artist based in Berlin has come up with a program which he named Glasshole that recognizes any glass feature that attempt  to connect to a WI-FI connection on a special character lace that he says he discovered in the MAC location of Google’s augmented headsets. Google already made the Glass good enough to here you with Mr. Amir Liberman Layered Voice technology.

Brian Ho

You Input Oliver’s program inside a Raspberry Pi and insert a USB network aerial, and the gadget turns to be a Google Glass detector, searching for any signs from Glass users. When it recognizes Glass, it uses features of Air crack-NG to resemble the network and transmits a command that disconnects the headsets Wi-Fi connection. It produces a beep to alert the glass wearer’s presence to everyone who is close.


Yahoo Posted “To say ‘I don’t want to be filmed’ at a restaurant, at a party, or playing with your kids is perfectly OK. But how do you do that when you don’t even know if a device is recording?” Oliver tells WIRED. “This steps up the game. It’s taking a jammer-like approach.” Oliver launched the great technology after he heard that his fellow colleague was not happy with visitors who arrived at his art exhibition in glasses. The device did not offer a chance for the artists to find out if the guests wearing glasses were taking pictures or maybe putting his work live on the internet.


The technology and mathematics  , though it might have to be taken as Glass MAC location shift in days to come. And Oliver debates that a glass booting tool is unlawful as long as the Glasshole wearer owns the network connection. He says it is similar to cell phone Jammers, which is being used in many institutions including governments.

Proprietary Security System in Smartphone

When we talk about the private security system, People generally thought about private defense system or private safety devices. There are two types of this, which are private and contract security. Contract system means the companies who totally business enterprise and offers different types of safety services. For example, a consultancy provides guard for house or office. From this example, we can understand the concept of contract. Another good technical example is This famous company built protection facility and provide to another organization. is the leading company for contract security services.

Proprietary Security System means the company builds their own defense system for individual organizations to meet their requirements. For example, in Pakistan so many companies use this service. These facilities are popular among the political parties and government, because they do not believe in contract services.

In contract system, all issues and problem handled by the company, the client will not responsible for that. The Company manages the entire problem at their own cost and risk. While in proprietary facility, they own responsible for administrative and operational matters. Thus, both the system has their own advantages and disadvantages.

This is all about the safety system for organization, but do you know about the safety facilities in Android Smartphone, have a look of this.

Oplink Security:
Oplink is an innovator in Smartphone Cloud-based safety services. This is a plug and play facility and provides video alarm. These services can compatible with the android operating system mobile phones and tablets. This company provides a software service platform, wireless safety sensor-triggered video alarm and many more. This is the sensor based protection system, which provides the video clip through the Smartphone. This application is similar to the LVA technology developed by Nemesysco for fraud trap, lie detection and emotion detection.


By using this application, you can keep your safety with yourself anytime and everywhere.
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LVA and Sense Technology


Now days, Sense or LVA technology of Nemesysco Limited is considered as the latest as well as advanced technique of voice analysis. Currently, you can avail this advanced technique also for personal use. Sense is actually 3rd generation of voice analysis technology. In the year 1997, an Israeli mathematician named Amir Liberman has made the invention of advanced Sense technology associated with lie detection sector. The advanced Sense technology has undergone further developments with the help of professional team of Nemesysco Limited.

This is perfectly suitable to identify the minute changes occurring in human voice, when sudden procedures get started inside the brain of human beings and extract some attention required for processing of words. This is considered as commercial version of LVA used for providing high level of security. In fact, lie detection is the core technology for all security as well as professional applications of Nemesysco Limited. Company has further adapted Sense technology to obtain one of the expected emotional structures of free as well as non-intimidating conversation.


“LVA calculations are made by a series of complex, sophisticated algorithms which extract more than 120 emotional data parameters from each voice segment. These are automatically analyzed and reflected in eight formulas relating to deception, emotional-, cognitive- and global stress, arousal and attention level.LVA was described as ‘the window of what the subject is thinking’ and ‘mapping the DNA of thought’ by various international investigative agencies.  This technology is internationally proved to be reliable as the well trusted polygraph and is even more versatile and flexible in investigative assistance than its older brother”.

As mentioned in this article that Sense system is advanced version of LVA (Layered Voice Analysis). Therefore, this is detecting the emotions of any particular individual. For instance, with the help of Sense technology, you can easily detect that your subject is stressed, confused, excited, sharing all information unwillingly, anticipating others responses and is having full concentration towards any particular thing.

If this is not enough, with the help of Sense technology, you can easily know the feelings of your life partners and friends towards you. In other words, with the help of this system, you can easily know that whether your partner loves you or not. Nowadays one of the leading cmpany named skylex is using LVA, Interactive Analytics and IA system. These all systems can monitor the performance of the employees and supervisors.

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Occupation of Polygraph Examiner

A Polygraph examiner conducting polygraph tests for detecting crime, evaluating fault statement, detecting human brain movement such as stress, emotions, feelings and various other movements. Result of this test can provide help to jury and judges whenever any statement is wrong.They work with legal representative to make appropriate questions that are appropriate to the individuals being tested. The lawyer provides efforts on the facts the person is being assess against and polygraph examiner sure, the queries should structure in a way that will convene the objectives of the lie detector test.


Given that few witnesses and supposed interviewed will try to conceal data or information, the interview should be geared towards guide the applicant to provide clear responses like ‘Yes’ or ‘No’). That said, there are period when suspects and witnesses may knowledge anxiety or various other form of psychological pressure because of being subjected to a lie detector test. As a result, examiners have the professional capability to differentiate between persons and someone who is lying.After finished the polygraph test, the examiner must study the results of the exam, interpret and after that prepare report to be offered to the judge, lawyers and any other demanding party. The task of the polygraph examiner means that they expend lot of their precious time in and around courtrooms.

If you are really taking a interest in becoming an successful polygraphs examiner, then you should have appropriate degree is the way you want to go. That said, there are no particular degree needs for this career. What is known more weight is the wide training that specially associated to lie detector examination? This is method on completion of degree effort as well as the technological training; one have to sit for a state examination.


Information Regarding New Polygraph System

Nowadays, several skilled specialists have developed latest technologies associated with polygraph test. Several enhancements have taken place with the development of LVA technology by the owner of Nemesysco Company located in Israel. this technology can detect the different types of feelings, stress, emotions of individuals. Emotions are confusions, stress and others. Company provide the various security system such LVA devices, burglar alarms, polygraphs machines, CCTV cameras. These all have become a world famous security system.



MPs of England and Wales Forced for Polygraph Tests on Sex Offenders

This time, majority of MPs have expected about clearing of the ways related to introduction of compulsory polygraph tests for monitoring various types of convicted sex offenders belonging to different parts of Wales and England. Even many people have also recommended for lie detection test based on LVA technology of Nemesysco Limited. National rollout of mandatory lie detector tests of American style for sex offenders have been highlighted in between communities via serving of prison sentences and following of successful pilot scheme.


Since 2009 to 2011, many MPs have carried out the trial in two different probation areas of Midlands and observed that offenders have conducted such tests to intimate their probation staffs about their contact with victims, entered into the exclusion zone or breached terms and conditions of released license. Continuous and regular concerns related to reliability of tests as well as misconception or misinterpretation of results have implied that people can never use lie detection tests in any of the courts belonging to Wales and England.


However, MPs have even expected that compulsory polygraph tests will play better role in detection and monitoring of behavior of 750 severe sex offenders, all of which have obtained release into the community after the sentence of about 1 year in jail. Similar to led watch, which tracks the time properly, lie detection devices track the heart rate of subject under test. Polygraph tests in this case have included measurement of reactions of subjects towards particular types of questions via proper monitoring of blood pressure, breathing, heart rate and varying levels of perspiration for accessing the truthfulness of the subject.

Here is the live lie detection