Proprietary Security System in Smartphone

When we talk about the private security system, People generally thought about private defense system or private safety devices. There are two types of this, which are private and contract security. Contract system means the companies who totally business enterprise and offers different types of safety services. For example, a consultancy provides guard for house or office. From this example, we can understand the concept of contract. Another good technical example is This famous company built protection facility and provide to another organization. is the leading company for contract security services.

Proprietary Security System means the company builds their own defense system for individual organizations to meet their requirements. For example, in Pakistan so many companies use this service. These facilities are popular among the political parties and government, because they do not believe in contract services.

In contract system, all issues and problem handled by the company, the client will not responsible for that. The Company manages the entire problem at their own cost and risk. While in proprietary facility, they own responsible for administrative and operational matters. Thus, both the system has their own advantages and disadvantages.

This is all about the safety system for organization, but do you know about the safety facilities in Android Smartphone, have a look of this.

Oplink Security:
Oplink is an innovator in Smartphone Cloud-based safety services. This is a plug and play facility and provides video alarm. These services can compatible with the android operating system mobile phones and tablets. This company provides a software service platform, wireless safety sensor-triggered video alarm and many more. This is the sensor based protection system, which provides the video clip through the Smartphone. This application is similar to the LVA technology developed by Nemesysco for fraud trap, lie detection and emotion detection.


By using this application, you can keep your safety with yourself anytime and everywhere.
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