Affordable Home Security System With Smartphone

A safety system is nothing more than the sensors, this helps to detect what is going around you. The sensor fixed in some equipment by which, one can monitor them. In past years, there was a monitor with a computer, which uses for the safety purpose, but now all these facilities turn into the Smartphone. This is the best way to integrate smart phones with the latest security applications. For the same purpose, companies are inventing new ways to integrates mobiles with the new home safety devices. Here are a few examples, just look at that.

Canary Home Security Device:  this one is the inexpensive device, which contains HD video camera, motion detector and microphone. Air quality and vibrations can also detect by the sensors used in this device. This product cannot predict what is actually going on but it can alert you when anything changes abruptly. This will give alert on your smart phone through the Wi-Fi network. You can get this alert in any location in the world, but you need to download this application and set up the password. The advantage of the Canary devices is that you can take it anywhere like home, hotel room or office.

ImagePresence-powered phones: A free iPhone and android applications for security is called as Presence. This includes both sensing and monitoring. The Silicon Valley Company developed the app called people power; this is very easy to use. This device detects the motion and sends video on your cell phone.

iZone Wi-Fi video monitor: This is the iOS application containing a tiny cylindrical shape camera. This camera is connected to the magnet, which helps to change the view of the screen and the area of the home. If you have more than one footage, then you can see all the footage with a single touch on screen.

The fact is that, the home safety devices can be too expensive and complex. However, this is not good to keep your house unprotected. So chose a right smart phone with right products, put together and get affordable home security system.