Google – Working on Language Recognition for Voice Search

Google is building an innovative and latest feature for Voice Search, which will allocate you to request a query in one of your multiple languages – without any manual configuration your own mother tongue every time.


In the present time, the company converts your speech or the spoken words and also queries based on the Voice solutions and the default languages that you have put up for other relevant Google services. To modify this technology on the desktop version of your PC, then you have to select the Settings option, followed by the languages icon in the results page, before creating an original selection.


If you have that query in your mind, for whether it works or not then “yes” it works, but it is not precisely intuitive or quick. Mr. Jon Wiley, who is a Principal Designer for Google Search, claimed that the corporation is functioning on a novel feature that will permit you to set numerous languages at the same time. So if you talk in both English and French, then you can exchange on the fly and then Google will change it automatically.

Layered Voice Analysis Technology: Proven to be the most Efficient for Lie Detection Examining

The Layered Voice Analysis that is also known and called as LVA technology is one of the most popular technologies that have invented and helped in the ground of voice security. Similar to the other kinds of securities, there is a requirement of voice security in approximate fields of this planet. It has more significance than any other fields of protection. It is essential, less expensive and easily applicable than any extra method of security.


The Layered Voice Analysis technology holds the utmost importance since it is an advanced machinery and competent of detecting human emotional levels which are hidden under their voice tempo. It is highly responsive and can discover even a slight change in the pitch of the spoken words of whosoever is speaking those words. This equipment is developed by the Skylex suite for the proper functioning of organizations and business ventures.SpeechRecognition1

Some people call it an superior version of the polygraph device as it is extensively used as a base technical device for lie detection. On genuine grounds this expertise was invented and brought up principally for lie detection, due to its capability of recognizing multiple human emotional levels.  This skill of this solution has a sophisticated level handling over polygraph machine for various reasons. The basic quality of this technology is that it can identify multiple emotions and it can also be used in excess of a recorded voice dissimilar to the Polygraph machine.

Handicapped People Getting Jobs in E-waste Recycling Under a Program

Social Business that are creating job opportunities in the field of E-waste are the main concern for the Govt. so a program got started from the Hunter Valley social enterprise to give the employment  to the handicapped people. The E-waste problem is very serious and the only solution to that problem is e-waste recycling. The world is generates millions of tons of e-waste every year and there is a huge need of e-waste recycling companies but the thing is only a small amount of the garbage is come into the contact of recycling and remaining is just thrown into landfills, this program is about recycling the television and computers, also the program is working under National Computer Recycling Scheme. Mai-Wel is a corporation that gives disability employer and Pennie Kearney, who is CEO of company, said that it will be good to recycle things by employing those who considered doing nothing. Firm charged to collection of electronic goods and they have already met with the 30 percent target under the scheme.


“The contract was working well. We were meeting the targets and getting through the work but unfortunately they got halfway through the financial year and said they had met their quota for the year and we would have to stockpile, Ms Kearney told Government News.” Published on a source.

Brian Hampton with e waste to be rcycled at Mt Vincent dump

Currently, there are many companies who is in the industry, to recycle the goods and According to Mai-Wel, they had already faced many challenges in the Environmental business, they had replied that stopping the collection means they have to store in the piles, and could not get paid for the recycling it had done since last year. Currently the increasing the technology is increasing the problem of e-waste and making health problems.

Decrease False Alarms among your Home Security System

The special security system, fake alarm may appear like a small homeowner aggravate, but it is essentially a national problem, which you can help resolve.

While researching this subject in recent times, our groups found that other than ninety percent of the alarm activations that activate a police reaction are artificial alarms activated by customer mistake, poorly maintained equipment, pet movement or other reasons that do not engage in dangerous or criminal activity.

As stated on an online website- “Four cameras are enough to cover each side of your house, but Korzuch said he prefers eight. That way, each camera can be within sight of another, which means anyone who tried to disable a camera would be recorded by another one. People who are comfortable making household repairs and configuring electronic equipment should have little trouble doing the job themselves. Otherwise, hire an installer.”

Mr. A. Liberman has laid a hand to the world of security and the below listed rules. The solution to plummeting fines and exhausted crisis comeback time is in your hands. General mistakes comprise inputting wrong codes, not alerting the security-operating group to fresh contact details and information, and not expressing the right passwords, when the corporation calls on the subject of an alarm. The consumer error rate possibly is to be uppermost in the primary hours and sometimes after system fitting. Be conscious that consequently, some company agreements denote a grace period throughout which they will not call the police if the alarm is active.

securitySecurity companies avails these tips for falling the possibility of false alarm:

  1. Check your system every month. Examine support batteries every twelve months. Keep motion detectors apparent of wreckage such as bugs and spider webs. Make sure that the air drafts do not shift plants, curtains or decoration. Make sure that confined windows and doors close properly.


  1. Teach everybody with right of entry to your residence on how to deactivate the system, which code passwords are required to revoke an alarm by phone and how to get in touch with the monitoring company.

Wireless Security Systems: The Best Technology for Your House Safety

As the crime ratio is getting higher, home security systems have become necessary for modern homes. As robberies have happened to be more regular, homeowners are feeling the requirement of shielding both loved ones and stuff belongings. There are a number of special types of security systems in the market today. Meant for the purpose of home security, both wireless and wired home security systems are obtainable. Every security system has its disadvantages and advantages, which you have to know.

wireless-camera-system-diagramThe most important technology in the wake of wireless and wired security systems is relatively dissimilar. As the name implies, wireless systems do not should be made of hard wire; they drive communication to the master power panel through radio signals on the air. When they were first accessible, the wireless home security devices were more costly and less dependable than the wired systems; however, with improvements in the technology, wireless security is now the residence security system of selection for the majority of homeowners.

tenvis_jpt3815w_wireless_wifi_night_vision_ip_camera_cmos_security_system_4_“Although these systems are available as monitored or non-monitored, Pante said he doesn’t recommend the non-monitored systems. Pante said these systems, which simply activate a loud or flashing alarm attached to the home, give homeowners a false sense of security. Non-monitored alarm systems can also be set to dial the local police directly when the system detects an intruder, but homeowners run the risk of being fined for false alarms if they are accidentally set off.” Says

Compared to wire systems, the wireless security systems tender much easier setting up, as there are no wires to be tangle in. You do not need to worry on the subject of an electrical power supply nor a technique of wiring to the master power board; neither have you to destroy up your floors or walls to run cabling for the system.

Precious Metals Can Be Conserved With Ewaste Recycling

If you considered that all costly metals ended up only in beautiful jewelry, then you are wrong. A huge amount of precious metals as if silver, palladium, cobalt and gold are almost, used in electronic gadgets like computers and mobile phones. There are people who just walk in to stores, to upgrade their laptops, mobile phone or HDTVs to the most up-to-date technology offers, without even thinking that what problem would take place to their old electronic devices, after they stop using them.

goldDepletion of natural resources can result in a big loss

In many countries, Ewaste recycling companies exist and are either shift to a landfill where it works, divided into bits through recycling companies, and also collects electronic waste at the depots. Therefore, whether this technical waste is jammed in a landfill or it is, sent elsewhere, it only indicates one thing that the country is losing precious metals; for example loads of used and old phones may hold more than a hundred kilograms of copper, three kilograms of silver and two hundred grams of gold.

e-waste-recycling-250x250A news source has revealed – “E-waste contains precious and special metals, including gold, silver, palladium and platinum, as well as potentially toxic substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium and beryllium. Therefore, responsible end-of-life management of e-waste is imperative in order to recover valuable components and properly manage hazardous and toxic components. End-of-life management of e-waste includes reuse of functional electronics, refurbishment and repair of electronics, recovery of electronic components, recycling e-waste, and disposal.”

The solution is E waste recycling

It is the key to the growing subject of electronic waste and also with the hazards and losses that it involves. It is a well-known reality that approximately all machinery of the waste can be re – used. Actually, around ninety percent of its matter, can be re-used to compose computers and televisions.

Rival to the Zeus malware spotted by security experts: Dyreza

Banks are mostly has high risk of viruses attacking their systems, hacking in their official information for criminal purposes. According to the cyber security researchers, a new type of banking malware has been spotted rivaling the abilities of Zeus malware. While the users think they are using the secured net connection regarding their banking site, the malware Dyreza uses man-in-the-middle attack, allowing the hackers intercept encoded web traffic. This gives rise to fraud prevention technologies under Nemesysco, an Amir Liberman firm. A senior expert at PhishMe, Ronnie Tokazowski stated, after analyzing the attack, the authentication credentials input by the users by redirected towards the servers used by hackers during the attack while the users thinks it’s going in their legitimate bank through their SSL servers.


Although Dyreza has similarities with Zeus, “we believe this is a new banker Trojan family and not yet another offspring from the Zeus source code,” according to a write-up by CSIS, a Danish security company.Dyreza uses a technique called “browser hooking” to view unencrypted web traffic, which involves compromising a computer, capturing unencrypted traffic and then stepping in when a user tries to make a secure SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection with a website.”  Find out more on pcworld.

The malware is so programmed as to interrupt the credentials while the user is operating the bank websites: Ulsterbank, Citibank, NatWest, America and RBS, head of CSIS’s eCrime Unit and CTO of CSIS’s security Group, Peter Kruse wrote. The same is being circulated over web is through spam messages that contains “.zip” file invoice. New and extra discovery is that the attackers have also found a way to facilitate the money transfer by setting up other infrastructure from the account of the victim. Kruse also published that the hackers might be holding the data for personal use or selling it.