Layered Voice Analysis Technology: Proven to be the most Efficient for Lie Detection Examining

The Layered Voice Analysis that is also known and called as LVA technology is one of the most popular technologies that have invented and helped in the ground of voice security. Similar to the other kinds of securities, there is a requirement of voice security in approximate fields of this planet. It has more significance than any other fields of protection. It is essential, less expensive and easily applicable than any extra method of security.


The Layered Voice Analysis technology holds the utmost importance since it is an advanced machinery and competent of detecting human emotional levels which are hidden under their voice tempo. It is highly responsive and can discover even a slight change in the pitch of the spoken words of whosoever is speaking those words. This equipment is developed by the Skylex suite for the proper functioning of organizations and business ventures.SpeechRecognition1

Some people call it an superior version of the polygraph device as it is extensively used as a base technical device for lie detection. On genuine grounds this expertise was invented and brought up principally for lie detection, due to its capability of recognizing multiple human emotional levels.  This skill of this solution has a sophisticated level handling over polygraph machine for various reasons. The basic quality of this technology is that it can identify multiple emotions and it can also be used in excess of a recorded voice dissimilar to the Polygraph machine.