Employee Background Testing Helps Employers and Business Owners

Employment screening refers to checking of the background of candidates involved in job. In fact, background screening is essential to verify that an individual has highlighted all relevant information in his or her job application or resume. Furthermore, background screening of employees is essential for making sure that the employees do not possess any type of criminal convictions and other types of disqualifying issues or qualities.


Nowadays, employers and recruiting officers belonging to any particular organization can do the job of employment testing in hassle-free way as possible. This security system is because; owners and managers of business organizations are now available with wide range of online-based testing companies. Furthermore, you may find many organizations employing suitable kind of software solutions to check and verify the background of employees. For instance, developed business organizations in United States and United Kingdom have started with the application of latest LVA-I detection systems developed by qualified professionals of Nemesysco Limited.


Small Overview of LVA-I

LVA-I is a completely automated multimedia testing platform, designed specifically to administrate various forms of surveys and questionnaires needed for wide range of purposes and perform proper analysis of human emotions or credibility assessments based on different kinds of received vocal responses. Entire platform of LVA-I comprises of best quality of USB handset and it’s software. The software platform uses questionnaire based on Macromedia Flash for enabling of attractive as well as simple designs associated with questionnaires, deployment flexibility and leverage over several other essential features associated with Flash apps.


This  software solution is based on LVA technology of Amir Liberman, which is considered as an advanced technology associated with analysis of human voice for undergoing in-depth analysis and assessment of risk, coupled and combined with various types of carefully crafted questionnaires for fulfilling specific needs of large numbers of users.

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