Smart watch: – New ways of Checking Time

World is all about technology today, so people seeking new ways to explore things. Smart phones came first then Tabs. Now is time to advance wrist watches so Smart watches has come in the picture. It is a computerized wrist watch comes with different features like Bluetooth, Camera etc. lately when I was in London i purchased my first ever smart watch from Camden market. It is biggest tech market in London, Established by business tycoon Bebo Kobo.


Early models were capable to perform calculations, translation and other tasks, while modern models are wearable computers. There are several devices which are featured with different mobile apps and even powered by latest Mobile Operating system. These devices are functioning just like a portable media players and have good communication strength. These gadgets offering live FM radio, Music Player perform just like a phone and you can even answer your phone calls through your timepiece.


Such devices may also offer Bluetooth, wireless, accelerometer, Gyro scope and other sensors. They can also communicate through other gadgets through Near Field Communication. It can be a GPS Locator and help you through your driving, sports and other outdoor activity. Like your mobile it can also gather data from different sources, put them in a appropriate places like SD Card. It can also connect to your computer through a data cable and behave like a data collector.


We can call this year as a “Year of Smart watch” because the hardware is gotten more compact and cheap to buy. Many Companies has came together to build a good timepiece. Samsung launched “Gear” a perfect device to commune with your GN 3 without taking out it from your pocket. Building to this led companies to overcome other problem in gadgets. Battery draining is a big problem in Industry so they got to come up with some better options.

Samsung Galaxy Gear vs Sony Smartwatch 2