History Tracking System Allows Delivery of Best Telemarketing Solutions

Call centers of modern times have served as the promotional hub for different types of commercial organizations worldwide. Particularly, outbound call center acts as an important segment of the complete contact center set up and performs its functions on varying promotional motives. In this type of outsourced firms, agents make calls to prospects and customers in the attempt to provide them with every type of updated information and facilities.


In other words, many top-class business firms choose for services of outbound call centers to sell or deliver products and services of clients. This has inspired many call centers to install efficient voice-based solutions with the prime objective to deliver optimum services to commercial units. In this blog post, you will come to know about the Skylex history tracking system availed by many leading Israeli and Russian call centers to deliver best possible telesales and telemarketing solutions to customers.

History Tracking System

Skylex Company has now presented an innovative and exclusive approach towards analysis of the service quality in combination with countless opportunities for modern platforms of various contact centers. In fact, information systems provided by the Skylex Company to call centers have allowed for the creation of various high-performance tools to attempt the primary objective of service center management involved in providing both quality control and automation process.

Here, the system that performs its functions via vocal analysis technology comprises of an application or a form, which supervisors, managers and other senior officers of the business unit listen, view and estimate as well as comment conversations analyzed with the help of tracking system. The form has incorporated many parts, conversations table containing details of agents and customers, suitable filter section and conversation player. In addition, you will find 2 different graphics at the conversation player section named as voice segments graphic and emotional graphic indicator.“Skylex software solutions have provided the strong base for creation the staff motivation programs, which help to improve the quality of cooperation of operators and clients.”