Gadgets for Home security

In support of a long time, sci-fi movies and books enthralled our thoughts with intellectual buildings. We met them primary in the novels however now they appear more and more probable to be converted into real. It all happened with the mechanization of bulky office buildings. The rejoin is moderately simple as some novel skill that has not until now entered mass invention and bring into play is luxurious. The succeeding intention was the thought of standardization and interoperability and the actuality that domestic utilities could not be forbidden distantly.


The speculation in this type of systems was justified only for large office buildings, where the initial investment can be amortized in a few years and could bring significant long-term tangible benefits. Mr. Liberman is one of those people who has been highly influenced by these kinds of security systems and have been implying them to his office and work place. For personage homes, such ventures were too luxurious and did not look as to be further than a peculiarity.

“When talking about home security gadgets, we cannot neglect the security cameras. Video surveillance aims mainly at protecting the house or preventing crime in a certain area. The surveillance systems are usually composed of a few video cameras, a recording device with storage capabilities and a power source. Usually, the system has a back-up source, a device that backs-up periodically.” Says Street Wise Tech

In the previous decades, conversely things have altered for the well again. Home appliances have turn out to be more and smarter and effortless to make use of, home security gadgets completed their approach to the supplies and everyone got an opportunity to get better their houses and guard them from intrusions as well as further security harms. Several even converse about the new-fangled theory of internet for things that has additional attributes to do with creating our homes intellectual than with the skills we are used to with.


History Tracking System Allows Delivery of Best Telemarketing Solutions

Call centers of modern times have served as the promotional hub for different types of commercial organizations worldwide. Particularly, outbound call center acts as an important segment of the complete contact center set up and performs its functions on varying promotional motives. In this type of outsourced firms, agents make calls to prospects and customers in the attempt to provide them with every type of updated information and facilities.


In other words, many top-class business firms choose for services of outbound call centers to sell or deliver products and services of clients. This has inspired many call centers to install efficient voice-based solutions with the prime objective to deliver optimum services to commercial units. In this blog post, you will come to know about the Skylex history tracking system availed by many leading Israeli and Russian call centers to deliver best possible telesales and telemarketing solutions to customers.

History Tracking System

Skylex Company has now presented an innovative and exclusive approach towards analysis of the service quality in combination with countless opportunities for modern platforms of various contact centers. In fact, information systems provided by the Skylex Company to call centers have allowed for the creation of various high-performance tools to attempt the primary objective of service center management involved in providing both quality control and automation process.

Here, the system that performs its functions via vocal analysis technology comprises of an application or a form, which supervisors, managers and other senior officers of the business unit listen, view and estimate as well as comment conversations analyzed with the help of tracking system. The form has incorporated many parts, conversations table containing details of agents and customers, suitable filter section and conversation player. In addition, you will find 2 different graphics at the conversation player section named as voice segments graphic and emotional graphic indicator.“Skylex software solutions have provided the strong base for creation the staff motivation programs, which help to improve the quality of cooperation of operators and clients.”

Tool Will Help You To Eliminate Glassholes From Wireless Networks


Not a fan of Google Glass’s features which are changing people into invisible snooping cyborgs? Now you can come with your own “glass hole-free zone”. Julian Oliver who is an artist based in Berlin has come up with a program which he named Glasshole that recognizes any glass feature that attempt  to connect to a WI-FI connection on a special character lace that he says he discovered in the MAC location of Google’s augmented headsets. Google already made the Glass good enough to here you with Mr. Amir Liberman Layered Voice technology.

Brian Ho

You Input Oliver’s program inside a Raspberry Pi and insert a USB network aerial, and the gadget turns to be a Google Glass detector, searching for any signs from Glass users. When it recognizes Glass, it uses features of Air crack-NG to resemble the network and transmits a command that disconnects the headsets Wi-Fi connection. It produces a beep to alert the glass wearer’s presence to everyone who is close.


Yahoo Posted “To say ‘I don’t want to be filmed’ at a restaurant, at a party, or playing with your kids is perfectly OK. But how do you do that when you don’t even know if a device is recording?” Oliver tells WIRED. “This steps up the game. It’s taking a jammer-like approach.” Oliver launched the great technology after he heard that his fellow colleague was not happy with visitors who arrived at his art exhibition in glasses. The device did not offer a chance for the artists to find out if the guests wearing glasses were taking pictures or maybe putting his work live on the internet.


The technology and mathematics  , though it might have to be taken as Glass MAC location shift in days to come. And Oliver debates that a glass booting tool is unlawful as long as the Glasshole wearer owns the network connection. He says it is similar to cell phone Jammers, which is being used in many institutions including governments.

Smart DJs That use Mathematics to Give You That Great Beat

Some people are very good at coming up with a perfect music beat. Such that when you hear your favorite tune playing you definitely find yourself snapping your fingers and singing along to the beat.Well if you decide to do that in a night club the DJs gets happy as they would love you to continue snapping your fingers. DJ has to combine two songs together and still maintain the same beat. The mathematical survey of this mixes comes from academic researches that are being carried in certain areas such as movements made by people in a crowd. In stadiums spectators are always excited and mostly jump up and down at the same time.

djmixing beats

When the spectators move up and down it may cause issues with vibrations so it is very important to understand when the spectators are likely to make movements in synchrony. The specifications under which this occurs are the same to the beats matched in music. A crowd of people making movements at similar moments have already made a beat in them. Rather than just noise, they also bring together sight and touch from the others who around them. read more at here..

A group of DJs are working towards explaining how the human brain puts together so many conflicting and sensory content that is not required to come up with a common beat that will make everybody move. Such information can easily be used in building of stadiums and bridges. This will lead to great designs for structures with no wobbles whenever people in a crowd express their excitement.

So the next time you shout at a DJ in a club, just remember they earn a fortune by just mixing several songs with use of technology so kindly give them the credit they deserve. This clearly demonstrates that we can occasionally avoid to judge occurrence of certain events in the environment, in regard to survey of the sensory content we receive from this events. The art of coming up with two beats,  at the same time making sure that your maintaining an audience, is not just an art, it is a fine art.

‘Spell Up’-New Google Chrome Browser Game on Voice Detection Technique

Since last few years, Google has rolled out its outstanding services in temporary and extended beta projects at the international level. However, few days ago, it has highlighted its latest experiment for Google Chrome named as ‘Spell Up’. This is an innovative browser-based game, which uses the advanced speech synthesis technique and voice detection or recognition technique to allow individuals in learning various English spellings as well as their pronunciations in the better way as possible.


Here, users can start with their participation at any level as per their willingness or convenience and the main point in this case is to build towers of different words. Firstly, browser speaks few words to a participant, while the user has to spell it back into his or her own voice. Even the Spell Up game has incorporated few variations, which include unscrambling of words, guessing games, filling in suitable missing letters, pronouncing various things in the correct manner and many more. The point, from which a gamer plays the game correctly, becomes the Queen’s English.

2Users get clues to play the game based on suitable definitions and get the opportunity to receive credits by simply spelling different things in the correct way. Other than the game, Xavier Barrade, who launched an exclusive project of brainchild in the Creative Lab of Google has used many recent developments of Google Chrome browser related to the advanced technology of speech synthesis or recognition. Last year, Google has even added its support for Web Speech API into its browser, while for this 2014; it added a new technique referred as speech synthesis.

According to Xavier Barrade, “We have created Spell Up in partnership with game designers and teachers, together with developers, have formed a kind of informal triumvirate in educational apps these days. It is designed; it seems, primarily for Chrome on your desktop and android devices. If you use it on an iPhone or iPad the voice part disappears and you need to type your answers.” Read more from here.

Latest Technology For Truth Verification And Lie Detection

The Polygraph tests happened at a local legal representative, in the presence of polygraph department. A young boy was charged for a rape case. The victim’s parents were pressurizing the police to arrest the accused boy. The police was feeling skeptical about the story narrated by the victim and was feeling that the physical relation between the victim and the accused had happened with a mutual consent; so it wanted that a Nemesysco lie detection should be conducted with the accused.

An attorney name Bassett was responsible for the testing the accused man first and then he was passed through a Polygraph Test. It was revealed in the polygraph test that no rape was occurred. After doing further findings and researches it was proved that the boy was innocent and he had not committed any crime. This way an innocent boy was set free of a criminal trial.

Truth verification and lie detection use latest technology, named as layered voice analysis. It is highly advanced computerized technique, which uses a wide spectrum of voice frequencies. It will detect on the basis of calculation done by the sophisticated and complex algorithm.  There are more than 120 emotional parameters generated from each voice module.

It will automatically detect emotion, deception, global stress and attention level. LVA is described as the window of thinking and mapping of DNA.  Many investigation agencies are using these techniques for lie detection and fraud detection. It is internationally proved service.

Apple Inc put its First Step into Medical Technology Sector

Apple Inc is now planning to develop a team comprise of senior executives involved in the medical technology sector. These executives will raise their hackles in the community of biotechnology and offer hind of what exactly iPhone makers are planning for its highly demanded iWatch and other similar forms of wearable technology.


During the last year, Apple Company snapped up minimum half dozens of prominent experts in biomedicine area, as revealed by profile changes of the popular social network named LinkedIn. Before two weeks, one prominent researcher moved and Apple started with the recruitment of several other medical professionals as well as hardware experts; although, the actual numbers of hires remained unclear for every individual.


Last year, CEO of the area named Tim Cook said to the public that the company has undergone its maximum hiring in sensor technology and considered it as prime for explosion process. Insiders of the industry said that the moves telegraphed detailed vision of monitoring almost everything starting from nutrition to levels of blood sugar in human body, which are beyond all other forms of fitness-oriented instruments advent over the market.

Apple Inc and Medical Technology Sector

Large numbers of individuals belonging to the med-tech community and professionals involved in development of medical or voice solutions bet on Apple Inc towards the development of apps-store style platforms. In this way, startups will get the opportunity to develop their already existing software as well as hardware to perform mobile and medical applications. Apple Inc poached large numbers of biomedical engineers from different companies, which include Masimo Corp, Vital Connect, O2 MedTech and Sano Intelligence.


According to Malay Gandhi, chief strategy officer working at Rock Health, “This is a very specific play in the bio-sensing space.” Read in detail from here.