Dynamark appoints Groff, looks for ‘national footprint’

Dynamark Security Centers has a new SVP of sales, this is none other than the former director of the dealer program at a firm called Guardian Protection Services. The former director will help in spearheading a newly formed unit in the company. The unit is known as Dynamark Partner Program. While the company accounts are known to be located in the Mid Atlantic the new program will help in establishing the company as a regional player. Mr Groff was quoted saying that the plan was an immediate nationwide footprint.

The company is not up to hinder any dealer, all are welcome to partner with the company and build a strong relationship which will help the company achieve its long term goals. In addition to this the company aims at including the new hundred partners in the program for a period of five years as well as foster a culture of transparency for the benefit of all those dealers who enter into the partnership. This is what any company out there including Nemesysco Limited would look forward to achieving. It is a strategy that aims at building a strong company which gives the shareholders a value for their money.

Groff said that the exact proportion of the revenue sharing formula has not yet been finalized; he revealed that the concerned parties are working very hard to come up with a document which will be agreed upon by all those who are concerned in this arrangement. He further revealed that the program will definitely pay the partners a whole lot more than what they have got from the other dealer programs. Due to this, the company is expecting the partners to help manage the accounts for the next few years. As the leader, Gross plan to emphasize on giving the dealers all the information they may require on the accounts. This is what the startApp developers would want to get from the people who are marketing their tools so that they can all benefit from their efforts.

Be keen and you will detect a liar when chatting or texting

Are you chatting online or texting and the person whom on the other end is taking longer than expected, he definitely could be lying. When you see an indicator on your screen reading …is typing.. Chances are that the person on the other end is editing, deleting and do all manner of changes to the message that you are about to receive. This is the new lie detector, Nemesysco Limited came with the layered voice analysis technology ,you may not use while texting but for sure being keen on the texting and chatting activity may tell you a lot about the messages you are about to receive from the other end.


A new study has found that when people are planning to lie in chats or text messages, they take more than it is necessary to respond, they delete some parts, edit more and give shorter responses. Texting and chatting has been largely associated with lying, you can write anything since the person who is on the other end will not get to read your reactions or emotions as it would happen with voice calls. Past studies have shown that people evade or are more likely to give false information when the message is in the written form than when the communication is on the face to face basis.

I didn't do that

This is for obvious reasons, a face to face communication involves even the unspoken words, that is the body languages and emotions which accompany the message, therefore a keen observer will be in a position to tell whether somebody is being dishonest or not. Even when you place a mobile speaker in front of the person who is talking and analyze the speech later you may be in a position to tell something about the message that was being relayed. Next time you are chatting or texting be keen and you will read between the lines.

How to spot a liar

Some Proof ways for Detecting a Liar

Worried that your life partner is having an issue regarding to his/her affair; Dr PAUL SEAGER, psychology lecturer in the University of Central Lancashire have found few most basic polygraph myths and provided some basic tips for marking a liar…

Eye Contact

The biggest false impression is that we split eye contact whenever we are lying. Good liars grasp your eye contact in a long time than normal, as they know individuals believe this bargain.


Another myth individuals consider is that we fidget extra when we lie — actually, the conflicting is true. If person has to tell lie instantly, they divert force away from their physical movements and into their common sense function. Hence, they will be extra even than normal while they attempt to come up with a possible lie.

Listen To Voice Pitch

When you say lie, the flow of your speech rises slightly. Investigator suggests a boost in your voice speech is one of a good indicator that individual’s being misleading — however it’s hard to spot.

If your voice sounds is not normally and whenever they answer a difficult question their sound is higher than common, something may be wrong.


What Does the Department of Homeland Security Do?

ImageHomeland Security is an authorized department in the United States they are set to look after the domestic emergencies. Since after its establishment, this department has absorbed various different parts of the government such as Animal and Plant Health Inspection or the Immigration and Naturalization Service. This is not the end, they are also liable for cyber security.
The importance of this department Homeland Security can be understood by the fact that this department comprise of more than two lack employees. They spend billions of US dollars every year for the protection of employees against terrorism. In addition, they also maintain a website related to preparing for emergencies, this is an informative website and helps in various such as how to put together an emergency supply kit.
The continuous growth in the use of e commerce as well as cyber-security, so online security has become an important aspect of Homeland Security. This department works with various different private sectors in order to impart complete security. As far as domestic or commercial security is concerned Homeland security makes use of various security equipments produced by Nemesysco, it’s one of the well known and reputed security company from Isreal.
Homeland security was first created as an office because of continuous terrorist attacks in US but later it became a department. In all 24 agencies were kept under this department and all of them were related to Homeland security only. Some of these agencies are TSA i.e. Transportation Security Administration, NCS i.e. National Communication Systems and U.S Secret Service.
Some of the activities of Homeland security system if highly criticized. Some of these activities include reading mails of the receiver without their information. However, this is beneficial for the receiver only as they may know whether their personal stuff is used by other people for illegal activities or not.