‘Spell Up’-New Google Chrome Browser Game on Voice Detection Technique

Since last few years, Google has rolled out its outstanding services in temporary and extended beta projects at the international level. However, few days ago, it has highlighted its latest experiment for Google Chrome named as ‘Spell Up’. This is an innovative browser-based game, which uses the advanced speech synthesis technique and voice detection or recognition technique to allow individuals in learning various English spellings as well as their pronunciations in the better way as possible.


Here, users can start with their participation at any level as per their willingness or convenience and the main point in this case is to build towers of different words. Firstly, browser speaks few words to a participant, while the user has to spell it back into his or her own voice. Even the Spell Up game has incorporated few variations, which include unscrambling of words, guessing games, filling in suitable missing letters, pronouncing various things in the correct manner and many more. The point, from which a gamer plays the game correctly, becomes the Queen’s English.

2Users get clues to play the game based on suitable definitions and get the opportunity to receive credits by simply spelling different things in the correct way. Other than the game, Xavier Barrade, who launched an exclusive project of brainchild in the Creative Lab of Google has used many recent developments of Google Chrome browser related to the advanced technology of speech synthesis or recognition. Last year, Google has even added its support for Web Speech API into its browser, while for this 2014; it added a new technique referred as speech synthesis.

According to Xavier Barrade, “We have created Spell Up in partnership with game designers and teachers, together with developers, have formed a kind of informal triumvirate in educational apps these days. It is designed; it seems, primarily for Chrome on your desktop and android devices. If you use it on an iPhone or iPad the voice part disappears and you need to type your answers.” Read more from here.