Latest Technology For Truth Verification And Lie Detection

The Polygraph tests happened at a local legal representative, in the presence of polygraph department. A young boy was charged for a rape case. The victim’s parents were pressurizing the police to arrest the accused boy. The police was feeling skeptical about the story narrated by the victim and was feeling that the physical relation between the victim and the accused had happened with a mutual consent; so it wanted that a Nemesysco lie detection should be conducted with the accused.

An attorney name Bassett was responsible for the testing the accused man first and then he was passed through a Polygraph Test. It was revealed in the polygraph test that no rape was occurred. After doing further findings and researches it was proved that the boy was innocent and he had not committed any crime. This way an innocent boy was set free of a criminal trial.

Truth verification and lie detection use latest technology, named as layered voice analysis. It is highly advanced computerized technique, which uses a wide spectrum of voice frequencies. It will detect on the basis of calculation done by the sophisticated and complex algorithm.  There are more than 120 emotional parameters generated from each voice module.

It will automatically detect emotion, deception, global stress and attention level. LVA is described as the window of thinking and mapping of DNA.  Many investigation agencies are using these techniques for lie detection and fraud detection. It is internationally proved service.