Apple Inc put its First Step into Medical Technology Sector

Apple Inc is now planning to develop a team comprise of senior executives involved in the medical technology sector. These executives will raise their hackles in the community of biotechnology and offer hind of what exactly iPhone makers are planning for its highly demanded iWatch and other similar forms of wearable technology.


During the last year, Apple Company snapped up minimum half dozens of prominent experts in biomedicine area, as revealed by profile changes of the popular social network named LinkedIn. Before two weeks, one prominent researcher moved and Apple started with the recruitment of several other medical professionals as well as hardware experts; although, the actual numbers of hires remained unclear for every individual.


Last year, CEO of the area named Tim Cook said to the public that the company has undergone its maximum hiring in sensor technology and considered it as prime for explosion process. Insiders of the industry said that the moves telegraphed detailed vision of monitoring almost everything starting from nutrition to levels of blood sugar in human body, which are beyond all other forms of fitness-oriented instruments advent over the market.

Apple Inc and Medical Technology Sector

Large numbers of individuals belonging to the med-tech community and professionals involved in development of medical or voice solutions bet on Apple Inc towards the development of apps-store style platforms. In this way, startups will get the opportunity to develop their already existing software as well as hardware to perform mobile and medical applications. Apple Inc poached large numbers of biomedical engineers from different companies, which include Masimo Corp, Vital Connect, O2 MedTech and Sano Intelligence.


According to Malay Gandhi, chief strategy officer working at Rock Health, “This is a very specific play in the bio-sensing space.” Read in detail from here.