Malta: Not Meet The Target Of WEEE

Malta is one of the Economic areas of Europe, which failed to meet the criteria of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).  EU directive has set the criteria of 4kg inhabitant per year.
According to Eurostat report, there are ten countries failed to meet the collection of appliances  throw away,  including Cyprus, Greece, Latvia, Spain, Malta, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Poland. Slovakia, Greece and Hungary were too close to the target with the 3.9kg.
The report gets significant change according to the data of2010; it ranges from 1.2kg/inhabitant to 22kg/inhabitant. This amount reflects EEE consumption level and the reporting period of the data will do by the June 2014.

The collection is increased as compared to an average of the previous year. Finland, Ireland and Denmark have already achieved the criteria. Some countries meet the target in 2010 but now failed to meet the criteria.
The recast of the WEEE Directive done in August 2012, this is a forward step to increase the target for the coming year.  The annual target will define as the ratio of collected goods to the average weight. This ratio will apply from 2016 and onwards.
The EU waste management is focusing on to reduce adverse effect of waste on nature and human health. The aim of the policies and legislation is to reduce the squander and promote the resources to achieve more recycling. Household appliances are rich source of WEEE in all places. The telecommunication and IT is the second top most categories in the WEEE.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive is a European community, who take care of it. They have categorized it into few categories. One of the categories is Household Equipment.  It is a special part in the recycling industry and many countries have taken part in an activity. There are ten broad categories, have a look
•    Large household appliances
•    Small household appliances
•    IT and telecommunications equipment
•    Consumer equipment
•    Lighting equipment
•    Electrical and electronic tools
•    Toys, leisure and sports equipment
•    Medical devices
•    Monitoring and control instruments
•    Automatic dispensers